A patent confers the proprietor the exclusive right to exploit the patented technology vis-à-vis third parties, preventing others from making, using or selling the invention in trade without the owners’ consent.

Fernández-Vega y Asociados offers clients suitable patent protection for which we employ the work of IP Agents and Authorized Representatives due to their expertise in managing and prosecuting patents as well as providing consultancy services.

Technical experts and engineers who specialize in all fields of industry make up part of the team at Fernández-Vega y Asociados.

A wide range of services are provided in regard to patents, including:

– Patent Searches and Patentability studies

– Patent Application and Utility Models

– Oppositions and Defense against third parties

– Recording Assignments and other changes of ownership

– Litigation

– Validation of European Patents in Spain

– Maintenance and Renewals

– Tecnical Translations

– Tecnology Transfer

– Audits

– Industrial Property Portfolio Management


A trademark provides consumers information about the corporate origin of goods and services.

Fernández-Vega y Asociados is equipped to handle any trademark issue through its team of professionals who provide a full, high-quality consultancy services package relating to different strategies for obtaining a registered trademark.

Our firm provides these services before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and in other national jurisdictions through our local representatives.

A wide range of services are provided in regard to trademarks, including:

– Trademark Searches

– Trademark Applications

– Trademark protection in all countries worldwide

– Oppositions and Defense against third parties on a national and international level

– Maintenance and Renewals

– Assignments, Mergers and Change of ownership

– Litigation

– Prosecutions of applications

– Infringements

– Trademark Portfolio Audits

– Industrial Property Portfolio Management

Industrials Designs


A very important way of protecting creations and innovation is through industrial designs.

Industrial designs protect the outer shape of a product in terms of its configuration, ornamentation or representation. Industrial designs represent a relatively small cost and are easy to obtain.

Our goal is to seek out suitable protection for your designs and drawings, and to guide clients through the process for their creations.

Our services include:

– Searchs
– Design applications
– Defense
– Maintenance and Renewal
– Oppositions
– Assignments and other changes of ownership
– Litigation
– Industrial Property Portfolio Management

Domain names

We offer our clients an ample list of domain name management services.

These include:
– Reserving generic and territorial domain names, as well as new gTLDs
– Renewals
– Change in ownership
– Technical consulting services
– Domain name recovery and WIPO arbitration consulting services

We also have a team of professionals who advise clients in cases of domain names and registered trade mark disputes, where we are ready to take the corresponding legal actions or submit the dispute to the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center.


Protected Geographical Indications / Denominations of Origins